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This is a group for those who have experience with :Earth Healing, those who have taken the Earth Healing Curriculum with Lyneah, those who have participated in the White Light Retreat or equivalent experience. We gather as a service. Joseph Asterita facilitates the opening of the four Portals and we enter into a brief silent meditation. This is followed by a guided meditation facilitated by Lyneah Marks as she interprets the guidance she is receiving. Participants add what they are perceiving about the earth healing that is happening on this occasion. Each individual generally feels renewed, uplifted and satisfied at being able to help the energies around the earth to heal. The Sanctuary is a very special place for meditation and in a group the energy can be quite impressive.  Reservations are required as the space is limited.  Call Lyneah 919 949 3039 or Joseph 919 624 0266 to reserve your space at least 24 prior to the meditation.  Please arrive between 6:30 and 6:45.  We begin the meditation at 7 promptly.  If you are unable to come after making a reservation, please call Joseph as my cell phone does not work well at his home. The end time is an estimate, we try to stay flexible to include all the work needed. A love offering is asked to support the Sanctuary.  Thank you. Call Lyneah 919 949 3039 to reserve your space.  Space is limited, so please reserve your space early.