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Every year I receive a card offering a large number of CEU's for a low price. Each year I received an incredible value course on Qigong.  I've considered going and thought it must be a trick, such a low price can't have value or some religious fanatic group pushing a point of view. This year, however, my inner voice recommended going. I am so glad I listened.

I was surprised to find it was far more than a simple Qigong exercise program, though it did include a major Qigong workout. It was more like a boot camp including stretching and strong breathing and workout exercises, in addition to Qigong forms I found challenging but doable. I loved it. Jeff Primack is a Jersey boy who developed this type of exercise through many years of study. Also included is a great lecture on nutrition. Jeff has several books out including one entitled: "Conquering ALL Diseases." It runs $49, (way less than the cost of a doctor visit), and is a major investment in your health.

What happens if you run a premium engine car on low grade fuel? It sputters and does not work well. What happens if you run a premium body on low grade fuel? Same thing, our food is directly related to our state of well being and health. Jeff gives a recipe for the smoothie below and ran a video with impressive testimonials about the smoothie being an integral part of their recovery from a variety of serious illnesses including stage four cancer, HIV and heart problems. Jeff recommends using his Qigung methods, breathing exercises and this smoothie to restore health.

I have been making it and love it. My body craves it now and I feel much better (after the initial detox). For weight loss, the smoothie can be taken twice daily. More details are in Jeff's book.


Using as many organic products as possible, in 3 HP blender, blend ingredients for three minutes:

1/2 an avocado with the whole seed (use other half in salad later in day Jeff recommends a whole avocado per day - it has more potassium than a bananna)
1/2 a grapefruit take yellow off with a knife leaving as much of the white as possible. The white is high in Limonene, which helps other vitamins absorb.
a whole beet
a cilantro leaf
walnuts or pine nuts
gogi berries
corn for the Lutein - I substitute kale see discussion below
1/2 apple with seeds
distilled water about 1-2 cups to make it all work

Jeff reminds us that strawberries, celery and peppers being the thinnest skinned, absorb the most toxins and because of this, they are the most important foods to buy/grow organic.

I have modified this recipe for myself. I cannot eat corn, so I looked up what foods are highest in lutein and found that kale is way higher in lutein than corn, so, I substitute kale for corn. Organic, non-GMO corn is difficult to find. GMO corn is engineered to inject insects with a poison. Did you know that? 98% of corn in the USA is GMO. That's the physical side. Rudolph Steiner predicted that scientists would create things without souls because they are only material-based scientists, unaware of the energy body, soul and spirit levels of existence. We have no idea what long-term affect souless bio-engeneered foods will have on humanity and the planet. There is a three year surplus of corn in the US and the likelihood of mold in corn is high.

Jeff quotes the Bible regarding the avocado pit. "And God said, 'Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in which is a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Genesis 1:29. "What is an avocado pit but a tree yielding seed?" asked Jeff of the approximately 140 people present. He also recommends including apple seeds. "All seeds from fruit contain trace amounts of a cyanide derivative. This cyanide derivative is not the same kind that kills people. It actually turns into 'hydrogen cyanide' inside your body. This compound kills the enemy (cancer cells, fungi, bacteria, virus, etc.) without killing your healthy cells." (p. 22, 'Conquering ANY Disease')

For several blood tests I was shown to be deficient in Vitamin D. My doctor increased my dose of Vitamin D several times with no results. I consulted Veronica Verhoff, a well-trained and licensed nutritionist who recommended taking limonene with my Vitamin D dose and it erased my deficiency. Limonene helps with absorption of Vitamin D and is found in the whits of citrus fruits. A part we usually throw away. Jeff recomends peeling off a thin outer layer and leaving as much of the white as possible in your smoothy. Some find it bitter.  You can add honey to sweeten this smoothy if you wish. 

As always, this is not medical advice, consult your health care provider before using any supplements or foods to ensure they are safe for you. Some foods can have interactions with prescription drugs or certain conditions.

References: Jeff Primack, Conquering ANY Disease, Press On Qi Productions, 2013.
Veronica Verhoff, MPH, RD, LDN, Nutritionist,

What's Wrong with Standard Florescent Lights?

Someone asked me the other day, "What is wrong with florescent lights.  i know I don't like them, but I don't know what is wrong with them.  Here's an excerpt from Thirsting for a Raindrop where I give the short answer.

"The list of what is wrong with florescent lighting is long. I discovered it while in graduate school where I had a windowless internal office and only florescent lights. I was unable to retain information in that office. I would read a page and could not tell you what it said. I started taking notice of my preferred studying places. They all had incandescent or natural lighting. So I went to Index Medicus and did a search that resulted in a 4" thick print out indicating what is wrong with cool white florescent lights. One study indicated that 8 hours of exposure can inhibit the uptake of calcium. That means, even if you have the calcium in your body, it can’t use it. Concurrently osteoporosis has increased tremendously in our modern world. Could there be a connection? They also flicker at a rate that inhibits alpha brain rhythm, the optimal rhythm for learning. I almost had the library at WVU convinced to switch to Duratest Vita Lights (full sunlight spectrum minus the UV that causes cancer and no flicker) because they might enhance learning. They are also responsible for crows feet to a large extent! Because they lack so much of the color spectrum, they tend to be 4 times the optimal candle power causing squinting, hence crows feet! And the list goes on on at if you are interested."

There is another post here on florescent lights. They stimulate hyperactivity in some and sleep in others.  A study in the Altanta area in the 70's reduced hyperactivity in children by replacing cool white florescent lights with full sunlight spectrum bulbs that do not have a flicker:  Duratest Vita lights. You need 1/4 the number of bulbs, they cost more, but last four times longer.  The only problem with them is if you leave them on too late, you may not want to go to sleep.  Turn them off around sunset and use incandescent bulbs, which mimic firelight.   Does anyone know about the spectrum and flicker  in the new screw in types of florescent bulbs?

Fibroids Gone Without Surgery in 2 WEEKS!

On Monday February 28, 2011 I was diagnosed with fibroids. I could feel them when the doctor examined me and all of a sudden so many symptoms I had made sense. I left the office to go immediately to a peer healing session Julia Hicks that had been scheduled earlier. Spirit already had the soul-spiritual aspects of the fibroids covered. In the session, we cleared a lot that related to the fibroids and I could feel energetic shifting after the session and I knew I had to get on to the physical aspects of the healing. Julia works in nutrition and said Serrapeptase is the enzyme that digests fibroids. I immediately started on line research (I love the internet!).


I learned that lack of/improper functioning of the gall bladder-liver system (where I have had challenges) can be one cause of fibroids. Toxins the liver should be processing end up in fibroids. I started taking my liver/gallbladder tonic more seriously and plan to add dandelions to my salads and juices more regularly. I generally have lemon water a few times a day to help the liver and I've increased that.
Alcohol contibutes to fibroids, so I stopped all alcohol intake including homeopathics which I put in water instead of in my mouth so the alcohol can evaporate off. Another causal factor which I have reason to believe in my case, is hormones from food. About 10 years ago I started taking a soy supplement for breakfast and had many cysts occur (ovarian, bladder, and sebaceous). Since it was easy my daughter joined me in taking this "easy"breakfast substitute and had similar problems. Gratefully a doctor at the Family Doctor asked enough questions and suggested getting off the supplement immediately, which we did. I wonder if the fibroids started then. I have tested high for estrogen even post-menopausal. I already did not eat beef (even hormone free), now I've eliminated non-organic milk products because they contain major amounts of hormones, switched to hormone-free chicken and stopped eating pork. I already eat fairly healthy, but I've increased the organic raw foods and decreased soy products more diligently (it's in most processed foods Seeds of Change is the only prepared salad dressing I've found that is soy free). At home I've used almond, rice and coconut milks instead of cow milk for many years, but I had a passion for Cinnamon Dulce Steamers from Starbucks and they stopped carrying organic milk about 1.5 years ago. Farewell Starbucks ( my wallet will be happier too).

SUPPLEMENTATION I reviewed the herbal/natural options I could find on line. there is an herbal supplement from England but it contains things I did not want to take internally like Goldenseal (it has an effect on blood sugar) and the shipping was costly. Next I checked out Nattokinase supplements It is defined as the miracle enzyme discovered at the University of Chicago Medical School that safely and quickly dissolves unhealthy clots and fibrin deposits in fibroids and endometriosis. However, it has a warning that it should not be used with aspirin because it thins blood and that it can cause cerebral hemorrhaging in rare cases. I don't want to be a rare case. It is also made from soy, and despite assurances that fermented soy does not contain phyto-estrogens, I still felt I would only use this if the other options didn't work.

I chose Serrapeptase* (also Serrapeptinase) an enzyme when taken on a empty stomach 'digests' fibroids. The testimonials on the web seemed believable. I bought Solaray's brand because it has an enteric coating which keeps it from dissolving until its in the small intestine where it will go to work on the fibroids more readily. It needs to be taken on an empty stomach to work on fibroids, otherwise it goes to digesting food. I decided to take it before bed and whenever I get up overnight. A side benefit of Serrapeptase is it dries sinuses. It also makes my mouth dry, which is not so great, but minor.


I had Julie Colllins' ( Beam Ray on loan, looked up frequencies for reducing fibroids, programmed them in and ran them for four days several times a day. March 14, 2011 two weeks after the diagnosis and 4.5 inches thinner, I went in for my first ever ultra sound. I kept waiting to see fibroids. I was able to identify the bladder and my uterus but no fibroids. The doctor looked and looked internally scanning and externally scanning. She looked baffled and checked her notes several times. She said she took good notes when she saw me two weeks before and had noted that I had the uterus the size of a 12 week pregnancy with multiple fibroids. She couldn't even find one little one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took Solaray's Serrapeptase 10MG 20,000 units enteric coated (means it will go through the stomach and digest in the intestines).  I took it before going to bed and every time I got up overnight which was usually 2-3 times.  Occassionally I took it during the day on an empty stomach.  This was rather aggressive dosage from what I've been able to learn.  It worked for me.  I also took liver support factors more diligently and frequently than usual because the process is intensive on the liver.  I am taking a week off and then my guidance is to take Serra again. Lyneah Marks, March, 2011. As of February 2019 still no Fibroids.

Cell Phone Sollution - Tachyon makes energy biocompatible

The dispute concerning the repercussions that cell phones have on human beings has prevailed since their inception. For every study that indicates a link between cell phones and cancer there seems to be a couple of highly funded, high profile studies that conclude there is no link between cell phones and cancer. In a familiar chain of events manufacturers and governments jockey to allude accountability. Governmental intervention is unlikely. Today the responsibility of interpretation of research has been left to the individual.


The research is clear. One of the largest independent research projects of this type, Gabriel Cousens, M.D.1 director of the Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, provided proof that the negative influences of Cell phones could be neutralized and in many cases reversed using Tachyonized Cell Phone disks.


Dr, Cousens believes individuals can not wait for government intervention and should take action now. Gabriel Cousens advice is to be proactive, protecting yourself from cell phones with a single Tachyonized phone disk.


There may be no governmental consensus but one fact is for certain:

Cell phones are an intricate part of a growing majority of wireless communicators. A wireless world has become as natural as an mp3 or a DVD. Our technologically evolving society has quickly forgotten the days of rotary dial phones with 1/2 lb receivers, 33rpm records, 8mm home movies and 10 megabyte hard disks. Trends now indicate that it is just a question of time before the elimination of land line communication networks as wireless technology dominates the horizon. With this “evolution” comes an uncanny array of invisible electromagnetic fields (EMF's), radio frequencies (RF) emissions and microwaves (MW) saturating most metropolitan areas.


If you live in a metropolitan city almost anywhere in the world, the probability that you or someone you know will be utilizing a cell phone today is almost a certainty. Economics are a key factor in the powerful debate over the health hazards of cell phones. There are those who claim that cell phones ultimately pose a health risk, and then there are those who remain certain that cell phones pose no significant health hazards.


Let us take a moment and entertain the possibilities of what might happen if cell phones were proven to have a negative impact on health. If cell phones were unilaterally accepted as being a serious health risks it would probably tumble the current telecommunication world as we know it. Considering that most of these companies are held by large international conglomerates, the legal impact could inevitably collapse the corporate structures and possibly even profoundly affect society as a whole. With roughly 2 billion cell phone users, the economic and social ramifications are staggering. Anyone who ever used a cell phone and developed cancer could naturally place blame and financial responsibility on the manufacturer thereby creating a flood of legal actions. For this reason alone, there may never be a collective consensus of opinion on the diverse controversy of whether cell phones lead to cancer or pose any significant health risks.


But what is cancer?

It may be helpful at this juncture to overlook the label and stigma of the word cancer and focus on the predicament from a different perspective. From the quantum physics point of view, everything is comprised of energy. Everything is either gaining or losing energy. From the holistic perspective, the losing or gaining of energy can be equated with the process of aging or youthing.


Youthing is synonymous with negative entropy. Negative entropy is the movement of a system towards order, harmony or balance. Likewise when a system moves towards balance or order it is considered to be youthing. Entropy is the polar opposite describing a system’s movement towards chaos, disease or disorder. It is the process of aging. From the holistic perspective it is believed that almost every disease or disorder finds its roots in an energetic depletion or imbalance. Cancer comes from an energetic depletion (entropy) over time. This is the process of entropy. This is the aging of a specific gland or organ, which undoubtedly affects the overall system.


From the energetic perspective,

cancer or any other disease is most certainly a cumulative, entropic process. Any system that experiences entropy sustained through time will naturally arrive at a depleted state in which chaos, disorder, disease or death are the natural outcome.


From the holistic perspective,

the question of cell phones in relation to cancer is moot. Cancer is a byproduct, which is inevitably caused by entropy. And therefore, the question should be: “Can cell phones cause entropy?” Entropy is the turning towards disorder and disease. According to the opinion of one entropy expert, Dr. Gabriel Cousens2, the answer is an emphatic yes!


Dr. Cousens has been an active researcher into the fundamental nature of entropy for over 30 years. Measuring and testing the entropic response of systems, glands and organs have guided Dr. Cousens into an enlightened view of entropy and negative entropy. One of Dr. Cousens’ most recent research projects clearly illustrates the entropic effects that cell phones have on most users.


Gabriel Cousens M.D. Research

For this research project, Dr. Cousens selected a prototype EMT (electoral muscle tester) developed by Dr. Buryl Pane PhD3 to be used for all measurements. “The EMT is capable of measuring individual increases or decreases in muscular resistance” claims Dr. Payne. (The EMT shown here is a current model4)


An increase in the EMT reading represents a negative entropic response. A decrease in the EMT reading represents an entropic response. The EMT is unique in that it is operated by the individual being tested. This removes the researcher's subjectivity. Each of the individuals being tested used their personal cell phone during the testing process. Each individual was evaluated either two or three times based on the relevant conclusion. The first EMT reading was acquired to formulate a baseline. Next, the subject, using their personal cell phone would place a call and conduct a common conversation. The cell phone was positioned on either the right or left side of the head as determined by the subject's preference. Dr. Cousens then acquired a second EMT reading after no less than two minutes of cell phone conversation. The second reading, when compared to the subject's baseline, would reveal whether talking on the cell phone had an entropic or negative entropic effect. If the second reading revealed an entropic response,Dr. Cousens would install a Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk on the battery compartment of the subject's cell phone. (The Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk is reputedly a negative entropic device capable of harmonizing electromagnetic fields4). The subject would once again engage in a cell phone conversation in excess of two minutes. During the conversation a third EMT reading was acquired. This reading was compared to the original baseline.


Dr. Cousens scientifically tested 186 subjects.

Baseline readings were acquired first. The second reading revealed 90% of the subjects experienced a significant bioenergetic depletion (entropy) while talking on their personal cell phone. This clearly illustrates that cell phones do in fact give rise to entropy. After installing a Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk on the depleted subject's cell phone, a third reading was acquired. 100% of the subjects upon re-testing exhibited a significant bioenergetic increase which exceeded the baseline. As indicated by Dr. Cousens, the Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk is the only material he has evaluated that reversed the entropic effects of the test subject. It is interesting to note that 3% exhibited a significant bioenergetic increase when talking on their personal cell phone. Dr. Cousens says that the 3% is consistent with his findings that a percentage of the population experiences what he calls an energy reversal. For these individuals, most typical therapies work in reverse on their systems.


Dr. Cousens’ conclusion is that cell phones do have an entropic affect on most humans. He states that the best way to avoid the biological depletion that these devices produce is to abstain from using them. If you cannot live without your cell phone, then you must protect yourself from the entropic affects. In Dr. Cousens’ personal opinion, the Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk is the best solution available for harmonizing and negating the electromagnetic fields produced by cell phones.


Dr. Cousens’ findings in regards to cell phones and their effect on biological systems clearly answers the entropy question. Cell phones, for most people, have an entropic effect on their systems. This means that they are depleting the bioenergetics or creating chaos in the user. Dr. Cousens’ findings also provide a proven solution to the entropy problem.



The current controversies over whether cell phones cause cancer will likely rage on. Current research clearly indicates that the predominant concern we should be focusing on is not if cell phones cause cancer, but rather do cell phones prematurely exhaust our energetic structure, making us more susceptible to disease, disorder or chaos.


There is enough convincing evidence to clearly indicate that there is reason to be concerned. Unfortunately, the practical solution offered by most researchers is to curb exposure. In this modern world where everyone is trying to get more done in less time, that solution appears unlikely. And what are the possibilities of these new technologies? Are we destined to remedy technology with technology? It is true that we are in a technological era and that our obsession with technology is increasing. Therefore the only solutions are either through technology or abstention. Will the technical corporations properly solve their own problem? One would hope that responsible leaders will make reliable choices for their consumers. A simple, quick solution seems extremely unlikely considering that most studies which demonstrate the safety of cell phones are supported by special-interest groups that are often funded by the financial pulse of the industry itself.


Maybe the time has come for concerned individuals to take matters into their own hands. To do so is to be proactive. Some people regularly consume organic food, even though the food industry reports that herbicides and pesticides are safe. Some people drink filtered or bottled water even though the water municipalities say that the water coming out of our faucets is safe. Fortunately we now have insightful studies like the one conducted by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. These studies enlighten us to technological solutions that concerned individuals may employ to protect themselves from cell phone radiation, even though the manufacturers say the radiation is safe. Proclivity has been the trend since the days of DDT. After all it is our future, and the future of our children's children which is at stake here. A proactive course appears to be the most prudent course. For now, the best solution appears to be limiting our personal exposure, as well as incorporating the research proven Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk.



1. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D. (H),

3. Buryl Payne PhD , Author of The Body Magnetic, Publisher: Psychophysics ISBN: 0962856991

4. Advanced Tachyon Technologies International, 480 Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401