Have you ever asked, "How can I better help Mother Earth within my lifestyle?" This year I am offering a one day workshop to introduce earth healing tools you can use to create greater harmony and peace in your home, in your neighborhood and in your region. These tools have been shown to:

  • help gardens/crops grow better,
  • reduce pollution,
  • decrease the freezing rate of water two degrees (very important to farmers who have water live-stock in winter),
  • increase harmony in households, neighborhoods, cities and regions, bring rain in drought
  • kill a seven year long crop-destroying blight in one year.
  • Create harmonization of the elements.

In this workshop you will be introduced to a ring that you can wear as a bracelet that turns a glass of chlorinated mess into spring-like fresh-tasting water in a short time. Various tools will be introduced, demonstrated and stories of how they came into being and what they have done will be shared.

The second part of this class will delve into the use of the Stella Natura calendar to optimize planting, harvesting, etc., and the use of biodynamic preparations in gardening and farming. Learn how a small bag of specially prepared manure can equal a truck load of manure. Learn how to harmonize a tree increasing harmony and decreasing crime rate in neighborhoods. This is an introduction to a world of preparations and ways of looking at things that are designed to heal the earth. This workshop is designed to open the door for further exploration.

For Dates: EVENTS

Call to reserve your space. 919 949 3039

I look forward to meeting you and sharing this information.

Locations in Durham and Orange Counties.

Some of the materials will be available for purchase at the workshop, others you will have to order on line yourself after the workshop if you wish to have them.