BRIEF:  ECE is short for Energy Clearing and Elevation, sometimes referred to as space "clearing".  ECE clears unhelpful energies and fills your office, business and home with beneficial energies. ECE increases comfort, sells houses faster, improves behaviors of people and animals, clears energies from arguments & illness, invisible forces children & pets perceive, lifts energy after illness, divorce or arguments.  Business ECE has resulted in increased sales, greater staff harmony and happier customers who will refer others to your business. ECE is perfect to prepare a space for special events: weddings, graduations, parties and births.
When do you need ECE? When you are selling a house, after you buy a house, when there's been a major illness or disturbance in your home or business, when energy feels stuck,  you inherit furniture from grandparents, separation/divorce, when a teenager is acting out, before a major event, after a party, before a birth, when odd things are happening in your space.

Have you ever been somewhere that just didn't feel comfortable?  Do parts of your home feel more comfortable than others?  It’s possible there are “sick” energies in your home/business/land.

RESULTS: Clients who were unable to sleep comfortably in a new home slept well after ECE.  Animals have dramatically changed behaviors. A townhouse in a neighborhood with a minimum of 90 days to sell sold 10 days after ECE.  A house on the market for more than a year had three potential buyers who all had a tragedy making the deal fall through. ECE cleared the space and the house sold within a week. A realtor asked for ECE on abeautiful house, well priced and well located, on the market for over a year with no offers. She said people were not even in the door when they said this was not the house for them, giving only vague answers for their reasons. The house did not feel right. ECE cleared a stream of negative energy coming toward the house.  The clearing was completed on Thursday and sold the following weekend three offers led to a sale for more than the asking price. Many homes on the market a long time sold quickly after ECE. A man (invisible to the parents) stopped bothering a young boy after ECE.  One dog threw up repeatedly in two rooms in the house.  After ECE the dog no longer threw up and was seen easily resting in those two rooms. It later was learned that a previous owner while ill and dying was cared for a hospital bed first in one and then the other of those two rooms.

THE PROCESS:  ECE can be done in person or at a distance.  In person,  tools providing strong positive energies and strong projection of positive consciousness shift energies.  It's really based on basic physics, the principle of entrainment says the strongest vibration wins.  With her intuition Lyneah will recommend remedies for various aspects of the space such as a crystal placed in one area or a mirror in another will help the flow of energy (chi) through the area.  A second go through will bring blessings and Lyneah will ask you what qualities you would like to see in each area of the home or business. At a distance, Lyneah will need photos of the exterior and interior of the space. Distance ECE can take more time, but has been found to be equally effective. 

  • Would you like greater comfort, ease and peace in your space?
  • Would you like to sleep more comfortably?
  • Would you like your children and pets to be more comfortable?
  • Would you like increased sales in your establishment?
  • Would you like your house to sell?

Call or text Lyneah for your appointment.  Price varies depending on the size and location of your space an estimate can often be given over the phone.

                 919 949 3039

What people say about ECE:
Businesses have reported a 50% increase in sales and happier staff after ECE. Homes and businesses have reported greater harmony and peace. Homes on the market for a year without an offer have sold within a week after ECE, one had a bidding war only two days after ECE was completed. ECE removes stuck energy that people can't name but can feel. ECE is an energy cleansing that is perceptible. One business had requested repairs from the owner of the building for the past year with no positive response. They were ready to move or close down altogether when I was asked to do ECE for them. The process was completed late Saturday/Sunday morning and on Tuesday, the owner called to say he was ready to do all the renovations.

"While I was going through some major life changes, my house was registering the effects of the upheaval.  I was trying everything I could, but I couldn't seem to get the house in order.  I experienced a fairly constant feeling of unrest in the house even at the end of a long, full day.  My sleep at home was hit or miss during this time, since I never felt like I could get settled." 

"Lyneah came to clear the house and to help me set the intention for the space for the next phase of my life.  During our session, Lyneah brought a distinct calm to the space.  Since the clearing, I feel a sense of peace and comfort when I am in my house.  I have also experienced a sense of re-invigoration and have begun cleaning out my drawers and closets for the first time in years.  As an added bonus, I am sleeping very well at night now."

"I feel like my space is now much more closely aligned with where I am headed in my life.  I enjoy feeling connected to the house and land.  Thanks, Lyneah!"
Blessings and thanks!!!
Heather, 2008

This letter is about a Raleigh townhouse on which I performed ECE in early July in a market that was difficult for sellers.
“Hi Lyneah,
My townhouse just sold!
It was listed for 84,000 plus 1,000 in closing costs.
It sold for 83,300 with nothing in closing costs, $300 more than I asked!
I can't thank you enough for the space clearing you did!!!!  Townhouses in that complex routinely stay on the market for 6 to 9 months.  Mine was on the market from June 16 thru July 18 (she made the initial offer on July 16).   And getting $300 more that what I asked for is impossible!
Now . . .I need for you to come to my house and do a space clearing next time you are in this area.  I know you did a little clearing remotely, but I'd like to have you on site if possible.   

Thank you again!"

November 2009 From California on results from a remote ECE
"I want to share with everyone what was accomplished for my daughter and son-in-law after all of the clearing work on their apartment and surrounding area.   Right after we finished working on Sunday I had a little floaty thought drift through that she might finally get a garage in their building after this intensive clearing since higher vibrational energy clears many stuck areas in one's life.  They have been on the waiting list since 2005 and I knew they were at the top of the list for a long, long time now.  No one was budging.  Wel-l-l, on Tuesday after I returned and guess what?  Yup!  Now, nobody will ever tell be able to tell me that these clearings don't work miracles. 
If you've ever lived in a big city you will know that a garage space in San Francisco is like owning solid gold.  No one gives that one up easily. This is such a blessing for them.  No more expensive parking tickets.  No more hunting for a parking space.  No more moving their car on street sweeping mornings.  No more vandalism and theft.  Yay!  Their car had even been stolen and stripped.  Totally un-fun. They've had bashed in windows just to steal a pair of sunglasses and a cheap GPS.  Their side view mirrors have been randomly broken off by thugs.    

When I was in their apartment during the phone clearing session... I began to literally see more clearly as though a gray film was lifting from the room and more light was coming in, but it happened in a split second when heavy energy started clearing.  My daughter noticed the same thing simultaneously.  Also, when several earthbound souls finally agreed to cross over, this incredible light streamed in through the window like a spotlight which is strange because Joelle's apartment has windows that are surrounded on both sides by equally tall buildings and very little natural light and no view whatsoever.  This type of light doesn't normally get in. 

...After the final group clearing in North Carolina a crazy sound has vanished.  In fact, I slept overnight at my daughter's apartment and never heard a peep from behind that wall.  Critical mass, baby!  All I can say is thank you and a big bravo to all of us!  Wow.  It's crazy how powerful we are as a group.  Just amazing."