Soul Integration

Soul Integration

Are you tired of investing precious time, energy, and money trying a variety of treatments and therapies, only to have the symptoms persist?

Is something off balance or missing from your work, personal relationships or life in general and nothing you've tried is working?

Have you lost someone close to you and, despite elapsed time, the wounds and pain are still vividly real and affecting your life, health, and happiness? 

I want you to know it doesn't have to be this way. 

How do I know? I've helped hundreds of people just like you get to the root cause(s) and overcome life challenges, reduce stress and find peace, joy, and contentment. I am Lyneah Marks, and with over 20 years' experience with Soul Integration, I've created a proven system for getting to the bottom of issues, helping you clear and heal them.

Soul Integration may be the missing ingredient to help you move forward to bring your gifts more fully into the world.

   waking up feeling ready to face the new day and overcome life's challenges with joy and confidence
   being cleared of blocks, giving you easier passage to being all you know you can be
   unlocking your potential, living with greater freedom and confidence
   having a healed heart and soul.

It all starts with taking the next step. 

Just put your name and email in the box on this page to get a very special gift: a brief meditation I've prepared to get you started on your journey to peace and greater happiness. As a special bonus, you'll also receive insights, tips, and information to help you on your journey of healing.

May your path be easy a light and filled with all grace possible. I look forward to helping you heal.

Blessings and light,


Soul Integration Healing work is a profound energy healing experience that starts with your need and works through the soul-spiritual roots to help you heal and move forward.  

What is blocking your progress? What is the discomfort in your life at this time?  Are you having challenges with certain people for no apparent reason?  What feels incomplete?  Are there phobias you haven't been able to explain or overcome?  

Soul Integration work may be the path for your healing.  

Past Life Healing can be a part of Soul Integration. There is an important difference between past life readings and healings.  Readings inform you of what happened, Soul Integration delves deeply into the lifetime to identify the parts that are unresolved (still effecting energies in your current life) and finds ways to heal them. Soul Integration works to heal incomplete life lessons and restore soul pieces that may have been left behind. Vows, promises and contracts that were made in another lifetime can inappropriately effect the present subconsciously. Soul Healing transforms these energies allowing the past to be resolved, resulting in a freeing of life energies in the present. 

ARE THERE ISSUES IN YOUR LIFE THAT SIMPLY DON'T MAKE LOGICAL SENSE? One client came to me and said that she dearly loved her husband and wanted to enjoy their sex life, but she always felt guilty making love.  She didn't understand it, but it was the underlying feeling she had for no good reason.  We honored that feeling and followed it to several lifetimes where she was a nun.  When we worked through those lifetimes, healing the unresolved issues, she felt much better.  The next week I received an enthusiastic follow-up call saying she felt totally cleared of guilt and was thoroughly enjoying making love with her husband. There wasn't even a hint of embarrassment she had previously shown while discussing sex.  

DO YOU HAVE UNEXPLAINED/CONFUSING REACTIONS TO SITUATIONS? A client visited my log-cabin home and started hacking and choking as soon as she entered.  After a glass of water, it soon became apparent she would have to leave if we didn't find another solution.  I asked if she would allow me to look in the Akashic Records for a cause.  When she said yes, I found a previous life in which she was on the Frontier in a log house - surrounded by Indians who later burned it to the ground.  She had suffocated and died in the incident.  As we cleared her past life experience, the symptoms vaporized like a mist lifted by the morning sun.  This was her first experience with the connections between current life triggers and past life responses.  A perfect example of how the past can directly stimulate a physical or emotional reaction in the present and of how Soul Integration work can heal.  

IS SOMEONE BLOCKING YOUR PROGRESS AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY? In a past life workshop I attended, the instructor requested a volunteer who had someone blocking them for no good reason.  I raised my hand and explained that an insurance underwriter was blocking my mortgage from being approved.   There was no reason for this as we had been pre-approved.  The instructor found that I had left the underwriter at the alter in a previous lifetime.  We cleared this through radical forgiveness and Monday morning my mortgage broker called asking what I had done.  He explained that the underwriter called first thing that morning to say that my loan had been approved. 

Every Soul Integration session is unique.  We all have our own individual path, life and history - thus the process of finding the right avenue is tailored to each situation you bring to the table. Your intention sets the stage for the healing to occur. Lyneah's intuition giuides your healing process.