"I have worked with many healers, yet Lyneah Marks exceeds just about all of them with her gifts. In one session we cleared so much past life trauma that had been lodged in my energy body and blocking me from completely healing from some serious illness. Since that session, my mood and my energy has lifted incredibly and my body is making huge strides towards full health. I absolutely love Lyneah’s incredible work and know that anyone can benefit from one session or more with her. Thank you, Lyneah!" 
                      Mare Cromwell, author of
                      The Great Mother Bible.

Mary Baird, Personal trainer, "One of the most profound changes for me resulting from the Soul Integration work is a greater body awareness and the connections between discomfort in my physical body and emotional states which need to be healed.  I had a chronic shoulder injury two years before working with Lyneah and she has gotten it mostly clear.  When it causes me pain now, I know I have another level of emotional healing to do and I call Lyneah. The physical healing is minor compared to the soul-spiritual healing which has been deep and profound."   Durham, NC

" Thank you Lyneah! Your magic hands and stones melted away all of my worries aches and tensions. If any one out there is looking for a 1 hour trip to paradise inbox Lyneah, I promise you won't regret it."          Najah Wallace, Durham, NC

"I have 'experienced' Lyneah's massage and healing work over the course of several years. The depth and breadth of her vocational training, innate wisdom, and genuine compassion melded with her guru instinct have helped me ‘to help myself’ on all levels. Lyneah, with her heightened guidance and the practical techniques she imparts, is my favorite healing facilitator. We have cleared roadblocks along my path to love and oneness, traveling together. She is truly enlightened and a universal blessing!" 
                                          Corey DeAhna CloverFox, Franklinton, NC

"I have been seeing Lyneah for seven years now and when I first went
to her I had a problem with Bell's palsy. Lyneah's massage treatments were an important part of my recovery from Bell 's palsy and learning a more relaxed attitude toward life. Lyneah has not only given me massage, she has given me tools for living more comfortably. The hot stones are awesome - deeply relaxing. I am very sensitive, hot stones and Tachyon products work deeply into my muscles without the pain of deep tissue work."      Gwen Riffe, Supervisor, Durham, NC

"Lyneah has an amazing awareness of the body combined with techniques to promote both relaxation and healing. Her ability to tune in to and focus healing spiritual energy makes each massage a new and wonderful experience."                     

"I work with computers so my shoulders can build up tension, and the hot stones are the most effective way I've found to completely relieve that stress. If you're seeking a skilled practitioner, you have found one!"
                                                Dan Lanphear, Computer Programmer

"Lyneah is a gifted healer with the ability to help people perceive the ways in which their spiritual growth has been hindered and to guide souls to feel again the real presence of God's love that is their ultimate healer. I have greatly benefited from her services and highly recommend her to those who wish to similarly benefit."  Glen Cotton

"I just wanted to share with you some "outside" confirmation of your work
with me.  Sorry if this is TMI, but for years it has been noted that I have
had a polyp on my cervix every time I had a physical.  Same place, same
size, benign.  This year (last week), it is gone.  I remember some work you did with removing a metaphysical "vine" growing there.  I told my doctor about you & she was quite intrigued.  I love to tell everyone about you & what you do! Thank you for this & all the other wonderful things you've done for me. (TMI = too much information.)  Chapel Hill, NC

"Others say they do Reflexology, but you are the real thing!!! You are the best!"                                                                             Chapel Hill, NC

"One session with you changed my life profoundly for the better"                                                                          Durham, NC

"Each session was also a great teaching session for me as a healer. Lyneah lifts me to a higher dimension. I am seeing visions more clearly. Lyneah opened the Akashic records for me and now I can see them on my own. I have learned techniques which profoundly change the energy of my past lives. I have connected with Atlantean and Lemurian times which opened me up to being able to work with Lemurian crystals in a new way in helping to heal my clients. Also working with the Hu sound which is Lemurian. Each time I each session I have opened up to more clarity, more empowerment, and a deeper spiritual awareness. You have brought out in me the potentials that are really there -- ones that I didn’t even know about. I never knew you could go this far with the work. I am at a higher level. Lyneah is an awesome healer and a great teacher. Fully open to the possibilities of me being my best and all that is for the highest good."        Gisela Arenas, Quantum Angel Healing Practitioner
                                                                            Tempe, Arizona

"Receiving a massage by Lyneah is like being touched by someone’s heart rather than their hands. I felt sanctified."  Mark Hirschhorn

"I have looked long for someone who approached the massage table as an altar."                                            Reiki Master, PhD, Philadelphia, PA

"After witnessing Lyneah's talents over the last few years I continually am amazed by her prowess as a healer.  Her connection to spirit and mastery of energetic modalities produce concrete and lasting results.  When Lyneah clears a space real change takes place both on the spiritual plane as well as here in 3D."  
                                               Raymond Smith,  NLP Master Practitioner

Testimonials for House clearings.

"While I was going through some major life changes, my house was registering the effects of the upheaval.  I was trying everything I could, but I couldn't seem to get the house in order.  I experienced a fairly constant feeling of unrest in the house even at the end of a long, full day.  My sleep at home was hit or miss during this time, since I never felt like I could get settled.

Lyneah came to clear the house and to help me set the intention for the space for the next phase of my life.  During our session, Lyneah brought a distinct calm to the space.  Since the clearing, I feel a sense of peace and comfort when I am in my house.  I have also experienced a sense of reinvigoration and have begun cleaning out my drawers and closets for the first time in years.  As an added bonus, I am sleeping very well at night now.

I feel like my space is now much more closely aligned with where I am headed in my life.  I enjoy feeling connected to the house and land.  Thanks, Lyneah!"

Blessings and thanks!!!
heather 2008

Hi Lyneah,

I want to thank you for our session Friday!  Occasionally my hip hurts less, my feet hurt less, and my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) calms down.  One of those occasions has been happening since Saturday morning.  Can't help but wonder how long it will last!  Also I feel different.  Can't quite put my finger on it, but something has changed.

The work you've done this spring has had many surprising effects, one of which I've forgotten to mention.  We've never worked on social phobia, fear of public speaking, whatever.  I've always been unable to say much with more than one other person in the room.  And mute if there are three or four people.  Somehow in June I wound up coordinating our disaster recover effort at work (I'm a computer programmer).  To do that I conducted a series of meetings (turned out to be eleven) ranging from two to 30 participants - without it bothering me.  Now, I wasn't any good at it.  I've never practiced talking to a couple of people, much less trying to carry on in front of a couple of dozen.  But my point is that it didn't bother me to be doing it.  I just wished I'd been competent. Wished, not agonized.  And it such a small thing to me that I'd forgotten to mention it.  Hummmm.     

So you are performing miracles on my social phobia and working conditions, working wonders with space clearing, and helping a great deal with my physical problems."




Because of you I am honoring my instincts because you helped me open that up. I wasn’t saying what I was feeling or meaning and thanks to you I’ve just been letting it come out.


You reminded me there are all these wonderful “mes” inside and they are coming out.

Rosemary Radloff






November 2009 From Calle Maher

I want to share with everyone what was accomplished for Joelle and Ben after all of the clearing work on their apartment and surrounding area.   Right after we finished working on Sunday I had a little floaty thought drift through that she might finally get a garage in their building after this intensive clearing since higher vibrational energy clears many stuck areas in one's life.  Joelle and Ben have been on the waiting list since 2005 and I knew they were at the top of the list for a long, long time now.  No one was budging.  Wel-l-l, on Tuesday after I returned guess what?  Yup!  Now, nobody will ever tell be able to tell me that these clearings don't work miracles. 


If you've ever lived in a big city you will know that a garage space in San Francisco is like owning solid gold.  No one gives that up one easily. This is such a blessing for them.  No more expensive parking tickets.  No more hunting for a parking space.  No more moving their car on street sweeping mornings.  No more vandalism and theft.  Yay!  Ben even had his car stolen and stripped.  Totally un-fun. They've had bashed in windows just to steal a pair of sunglasses and a cheap GPS.  Their side view mirrors have been randomly broken off by thugs.    


When I was in their apartment during the phone clearing sessions with Lyneah, Julie, Allysha and myself all working togther, I began to literally see more clearly as though a gray film was lifting from the room and more light was coming in, but it happened in a split second when heavy energy started clearing.  Joelle noticed the same thing simultaneously.  Also, when several earthbound souls finally agreed to cross over, this incredible light streamed in through the window like a spotlight which is strange because Joelle's apartment has windows that are surrounded on both sides by equally tall buildings and very little natural light and no view whatsoever.  This type of light doesn't normally get in. 


The four of us did two long (4.5 hours total) sessions on their apartment building and the entire neighborhood over two weeks just prior to the seminar.   Then our seminar group healing did more long distance clearing and healing work on their apartment after which a very strange noise that sounded like creaky wooden stairs being walked on slowly or like an old wooden ship threatening to break with every rolling wave.  Sometimes the sound was incessant and other times completely random, and forever driving all of us nuts.  It had started just a few months earlier for no apparent reason and was coming from behind a wall that butts up against an old Victorian with only space enough for a large rat inbetween.  After the final group clearing in North Carolina that crazy sound has since vanished.  In fact, I slept overnight at my daughter's apartment and never heard a peep from beind that wall.  Critical mass, baby!  All I can say is thank you and a big bravo to all of us!  Wow.  It's crazy how powerful we are as a group.  Just amazing. 



Next testimonial . . . .


When I received the call from my daughter that she had fallen in the shower and severely hit her head on the porcelain tiles I immediately called Lyneah for help.  Lyneah and Mark began immediately sending Body Soul and Angel Healing Energy to her from North Carolina and I was sending healing energy as I headed toward San Francisco for the hour drive to get to her.  Her head was pounding worse than anything she has ever felt before.  I kept her talking on the phone as I drove until I reached the toll booth at the Golden Gate Bridge.  I was almost there.  She met my car out front, got in the car and we headed off to the nearest hospital Emergency Room.  She looked at me and said that I could slow down because her head was now pain-free.  The only possible explanation in her mind was the Body Soul and Energy Healing she had been receiving for the past hour from our group of healers.  She started to feel bad about troubling everyone and wasn't sure what she was going to tell the hospital staff.  That's a wonderful problem to have!  Once we were there I had the opportunity to tell the doctor about Lyneah, Mark and me sending energy to relieve her pain.  I am grateful to witness that the doctor totally understood and didn't even raise an eyebrow.  Afterward, Lyneah and I were talking and it was clear that significant healing had taken place to alleviate the pain such that an accumulation of pooling blood was dissipated into her body and was no longer building up explosive pressure in her brain.  Wouldn't it be nice if every family had not only a family doctor but a family Body Soul and Angel Healer on speed dial?  I am so grateful to Lyneah and Mark for their amazing work and love.  God Bless You!