We are on break till after the New Year.  If you are interested, please contact Lyneah @ Lyneah@bodysoulandangels.com so you will receive the next class announcement.
Calling everyone looking to lower stress and finally find more peace of mind and harmony every day

  • With the hectic pace we keep, does it seem impossible to get it all done?  
  • Does it feel like you'll never catch up, despite the fact that your days are filled with rushing around to keep everything moving and there is not a minute to spare?
  • Do you long for some quiet time, time just for you, to bring more peace and joy to your daily life?

Did you know that only 5 MINUTES of meditation a day can give you focus and calm, making it easy for you to complete the work ahead of you?
Join us STARTING October 1, 2015 8:30 pm and discover how to make meditation work for you. 
If you are new to meditation, you will learn how to focus, clear your mind and exercise your spiritual organs of perception which will strengthen your abilities to meditate.  You will work with the synergy of a group helping you move forward with greater ease.  
Maybe your meditation practice has degraded or disappeared or you need help to establish a new practice. This class is designed specifically to help strengthen your meditation muscles.  This class is designed so you can take it many times and each time you will experience deeper abilities to meditate, concentrate and get things done.  The best part is that you'll enjoy the synergy of working with a dedicated, supportive group and facilitator to provide encouragement and help you gain the momentum you need.

Teleconference Meditation Class

Rudolph Steiner put together basic exercises for development of spiritual organs of perceptions. As we have physical senses (ears/hearing, eyes/sight, etc.), we also have organs of spiritual perception. The exercises are simple and powerful. To view the exercises:   CLICK HERE

Six week course starting Thursday, July 9th at 8pm
The commitment: one hour together on a call each week for an hour, five minutes a day for meditation on your own.
Investment: Registration $120.00
Early bird special: REGISTER NOW $90.00



Retaking the class? Every time you take it you deepen your meditation and experience new levels.