Manifestation Mandala - Healing Art

This size of the Manifestation Mandala (8 x1 10) is laminated making it perfect for meditation use.  The Manifestaion Mandala was created two years after Lyneah had the vision for it.  When she saw it in vision, she said it was beautiful and asked how she could create it.  No answer came immediately.  Over the next two years every part of this creation was a very strong impulse.  When the artwork came together it was like an explosion in her head when the physical representation matched the vision in her memory exactly.  Voila, the Manifestion Mandala was born.  This image is the healing energy Lyneah works with in the Body, Soul & Angels technique.  It is a largely divine feminine energy full of color and movement. Larger sizes are available upon request. Having this in your space acts as a Feng Shui remedy, provides protection and healing energy.  Contact Lyneah for other sizes.

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This free Introduction will give you an idea of why the CD was made and what its intention is for your healing.  The long meditation is only available at CD Baby

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Embracing Worthiness Short Meditation

This is the short meditation for Embracing Worthiness, a meditation you can use daily to reinforce the long healing meditation which is available at CD Baby. 

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