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Every year I receive a card offering a large number of CEU's for a low price. Each year I received an incredible value course on Qigong.  I've considered going and thought it must be a trick, such a low price can't have value or some religious fanatic group pushing a point of view. This year, however, my inner voice recommended going. I am so glad I listened.

I was surprised to find it was far more than a simple Qigong exercise program, though it did include a major Qigong workout. It was more like a boot camp including stretching and strong breathing and workout exercises, in addition to Qigong forms I found challenging but doable. I loved it. Jeff Primack is a Jersey boy who developed this type of exercise through many years of study. Also included is a great lecture on nutrition. Jeff has several books out including one entitled: "Conquering ALL Diseases." It runs $49, (way less than the cost of a doctor visit), and is a major investment in your health.

What happens if you run a premium engine car on low grade fuel? It sputters and does not work well. What happens if you run a premium body on low grade fuel? Same thing, our food is directly related to our state of well being and health. Jeff gives a recipe for the smoothie below and ran a video with impressive testimonials about the smoothie being an integral part of their recovery from a variety of serious illnesses including stage four cancer, HIV and heart problems. Jeff recommends using his Qigung methods, breathing exercises and this smoothie to restore health.

I have been making it and love it. My body craves it now and I feel much better (after the initial detox). For weight loss, the smoothie can be taken twice daily. More details are in Jeff's book.


Using as many organic products as possible, in 3 HP blender, blend ingredients for three minutes:

1/2 an avocado with the whole seed (use other half in salad later in day Jeff recommends a whole avocado per day - it has more potassium than a bananna)
1/2 a grapefruit take yellow off with a knife leaving as much of the white as possible. The white is high in Limonene, which helps other vitamins absorb.
a whole beet
a cilantro leaf
walnuts or pine nuts
gogi berries
corn for the Lutein - I substitute kale see discussion below
1/2 apple with seeds
distilled water about 1-2 cups to make it all work

Jeff reminds us that strawberries, celery and peppers being the thinnest skinned, absorb the most toxins and because of this, they are the most important foods to buy/grow organic.

I have modified this recipe for myself. I cannot eat corn, so I looked up what foods are highest in lutein and found that kale is way higher in lutein than corn, so, I substitute kale for corn. Organic, non-GMO corn is difficult to find. GMO corn is engineered to inject insects with a poison. Did you know that? 98% of corn in the USA is GMO. That's the physical side. Rudolph Steiner predicted that scientists would create things without souls because they are only material-based scientists, unaware of the energy body, soul and spirit levels of existence. We have no idea what long-term affect souless bio-engeneered foods will have on humanity and the planet. There is a three year surplus of corn in the US and the likelihood of mold in corn is high.

Jeff quotes the Bible regarding the avocado pit. "And God said, 'Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in which is a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Genesis 1:29. "What is an avocado pit but a tree yielding seed?" asked Jeff of the approximately 140 people present. He also recommends including apple seeds. "All seeds from fruit contain trace amounts of a cyanide derivative. This cyanide derivative is not the same kind that kills people. It actually turns into 'hydrogen cyanide' inside your body. This compound kills the enemy (cancer cells, fungi, bacteria, virus, etc.) without killing your healthy cells." (p. 22, 'Conquering ANY Disease')

For several blood tests I was shown to be deficient in Vitamin D. My doctor increased my dose of Vitamin D several times with no results. I consulted Veronica Verhoff, a well-trained and licensed nutritionist who recommended taking limonene with my Vitamin D dose and it erased my deficiency. Limonene helps with absorption of Vitamin D and is found in the whits of citrus fruits. A part we usually throw away. Jeff recomends peeling off a thin outer layer and leaving as much of the white as possible in your smoothy. Some find it bitter.  You can add honey to sweeten this smoothy if you wish. 

As always, this is not medical advice, consult your health care provider before using any supplements or foods to ensure they are safe for you. Some foods can have interactions with prescription drugs or certain conditions.

References: Jeff Primack, Conquering ANY Disease, Press On Qi Productions, 2013.
Veronica Verhoff, MPH, RD, LDN, Nutritionist,