Fibroids Gone Without Surgery in 2 WEEKS!

On Monday February 28, 2011 I was diagnosed with fibroids. I could feel them when the doctor examined me and all of a sudden so many symptoms I had made sense. I left the office to go immediately to a peer healing session Julia Hicks that had been scheduled earlier. Spirit already had the soul-spiritual aspects of the fibroids covered. In the session, we cleared a lot that related to the fibroids and I could feel energetic shifting after the session and I knew I had to get on to the physical aspects of the healing. Julia works in nutrition and said Serrapeptase is the enzyme that digests fibroids. I immediately started on line research (I love the internet!).


I learned that lack of/improper functioning of the gall bladder-liver system (where I have had challenges) can be one cause of fibroids. Toxins the liver should be processing end up in fibroids. I started taking my liver/gallbladder tonic more seriously and plan to add dandelions to my salads and juices more regularly. I generally have lemon water a few times a day to help the liver and I've increased that.
Alcohol contibutes to fibroids, so I stopped all alcohol intake including homeopathics which I put in water instead of in my mouth so the alcohol can evaporate off. Another causal factor which I have reason to believe in my case, is hormones from food. About 10 years ago I started taking a soy supplement for breakfast and had many cysts occur (ovarian, bladder, and sebaceous). Since it was easy my daughter joined me in taking this "easy"breakfast substitute and had similar problems. Gratefully a doctor at the Family Doctor asked enough questions and suggested getting off the supplement immediately, which we did. I wonder if the fibroids started then. I have tested high for estrogen even post-menopausal. I already did not eat beef (even hormone free), now I've eliminated non-organic milk products because they contain major amounts of hormones, switched to hormone-free chicken and stopped eating pork. I already eat fairly healthy, but I've increased the organic raw foods and decreased soy products more diligently (it's in most processed foods Seeds of Change is the only prepared salad dressing I've found that is soy free). At home I've used almond, rice and coconut milks instead of cow milk for many years, but I had a passion for Cinnamon Dulce Steamers from Starbucks and they stopped carrying organic milk about 1.5 years ago. Farewell Starbucks ( my wallet will be happier too).

SUPPLEMENTATION I reviewed the herbal/natural options I could find on line. there is an herbal supplement from England but it contains things I did not want to take internally like Goldenseal (it has an effect on blood sugar) and the shipping was costly. Next I checked out Nattokinase supplements It is defined as the miracle enzyme discovered at the University of Chicago Medical School that safely and quickly dissolves unhealthy clots and fibrin deposits in fibroids and endometriosis. However, it has a warning that it should not be used with aspirin because it thins blood and that it can cause cerebral hemorrhaging in rare cases. I don't want to be a rare case. It is also made from soy, and despite assurances that fermented soy does not contain phyto-estrogens, I still felt I would only use this if the other options didn't work.

I chose Serrapeptase* (also Serrapeptinase) an enzyme when taken on a empty stomach 'digests' fibroids. The testimonials on the web seemed believable. I bought Solaray's brand because it has an enteric coating which keeps it from dissolving until its in the small intestine where it will go to work on the fibroids more readily. It needs to be taken on an empty stomach to work on fibroids, otherwise it goes to digesting food. I decided to take it before bed and whenever I get up overnight. A side benefit of Serrapeptase is it dries sinuses. It also makes my mouth dry, which is not so great, but minor.


I had Julie Colllins' ( Beam Ray on loan, looked up frequencies for reducing fibroids, programmed them in and ran them for four days several times a day. March 14, 2011 two weeks after the diagnosis and 4.5 inches thinner, I went in for my first ever ultra sound. I kept waiting to see fibroids. I was able to identify the bladder and my uterus but no fibroids. The doctor looked and looked internally scanning and externally scanning. She looked baffled and checked her notes several times. She said she took good notes when she saw me two weeks before and had noted that I had the uterus the size of a 12 week pregnancy with multiple fibroids. She couldn't even find one little one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took Solaray's Serrapeptase 10MG 20,000 units enteric coated (means it will go through the stomach and digest in the intestines).  I took it before going to bed and every time I got up overnight which was usually 2-3 times.  Occassionally I took it during the day on an empty stomach.  This was rather aggressive dosage from what I've been able to learn.  It worked for me.  I also took liver support factors more diligently and frequently than usual because the process is intensive on the liver.  I am taking a week off and then my guidance is to take Serra again. Lyneah Marks, March, 2011. As of February 2019 still no Fibroids.